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All-on-4 Dental Implants

  • The gold standard replacement for a full arch or row of unhealthy or missing teeth
  • 4-6 implants are strategically placed to support and retain the entire arch of teeth (upper and/or lower)
  • The implant placements and first set of teeth are done at the same time as the removal of the remaining teeth (which is why it is called "teeth-in-a-day")
  • Bone grafts are not needed
  • A stronger permanent set of teeth are provided after 3 months when the implants have fully-healed and stabilized
All on 4

Distinguished Leaders In Implant Dentistry & Advanced Dentistry For More Than 30 Years

Since the introduction of the All-on-4 treatment by Nobel Biocare in 2006, UAD has been a recognized leader in providing the All-On_Four™ implant approach, right here in our private practice. Conducting research and being involved in the evolution of this treatment approach overtime, UAD's doctors have gained an unparalleled experience and expertise when it comes to full-arch teeth replacement with dental implants. A treatment like this allows for the conservative replacement of the full row of your teeth with only 4 implants placed in specific locations, enhanced by our in-office 3D imaging and digital planning abilities. At UAD, our in-office team of doctors and lab allows for everything to be completed in one location, maximizing the convenience and experience for the patient.

Dental Implants, Prosthodontics, and Cosmetic Dentistry Services

We combine the expertise and benefits of a group practice with the personal comfort of a small private office!

Since the introduction of implants in the 1990’s, UADs team of implant surgeons and restorative doctors have been recognized leaders in implant dentistry. Our promise to you is the highest quality care, as we continue to redefine the standards of implant dentistry with our advanced techniques and technology. All of your dental needs can be met in the comfort of our Chicago office, which eliminates the hassle of coordinating costs, visits, and information across multiple offices. Our centralized approach means that our team of doctors, hygienists, and staff cover everything you need, from treatment coordination and financial management to implant treatment and long-term maintenance.

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Advanced Training With Decades of Experience

Not only do our doctors maintain the advanced training to provide treatment for all complexities of care, but they are also recognized nationally as teachers and mentors of cosmetic dentistry, complex dental procedures, and advanced dental care. We understand the importance of a beautiful smile, and our doctors' expertise and passion for aesthetic dentistry has led them to be recognized as Chicago's Top Doctors in dentistry.

To compliment their clinical skill, they maintain exclusive working relationships with the world's most highly-talented master ceramists, which allows for the most natural and beautiful porcelain work when creating your smile. Together, the vision, technical skill, and perfectionist nature of our entire team allows for the most beautiful results, as seen in our smile gallery.


Personalized and Trusted Comprehensive Care

Unlike the corporate dental chains, our practice cherishes the special relationships that we build with our patients! In our practice, it is our personal touch, and our state of the art technology and techniques coupled with our dedication to our patients that will leave you loving not only your result, but your overall experience.

Our focus is not only your dentistry, but more importantly, your satisfaction. Our patients can always trust that their care is in the hands of the experts and their best interest is in mind, allowing them not only a beautiful smile, but more importantly, a reason to smile!


Special Financing Options

We understand the cost of dentistry can be expensive, especially when it comes to more advanced care. Our goal is to allow you the care that you need an an attainable manner throuh. With our in-house medical and dental insurace coordinators as well as our internal financing options, we offer a unique benefit to our patients.

Did you know that your dental treatment is often related to your overall health and health insurance? Advance treatment such as implants, bone grafts, and reconstructive dentistry is necessary to allow proper function, health, and nutrition. We understand the importance of this, and this is why our health insurance coordinators stay busy allowing our patients their insurance benefits during treatment. At your consultation, please bring both your dental and medical insurance cards for our care coordinators to help you understand the coverage for your care.

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A Permanent Solution That Looks, Functions, and Feels Just Like Your Own Natural Teeth!

Dental implants are today’s gold standard in tooth replacement, providing a solution that feels, functions, and looks just like natural teeth. Compared to dentures, partial dentures, and bridges, dental implants are the healthiest and most satisfying long-term solution for people who suffer from missing and failing teeth as well as chronic dental pain and issues. Whether it is a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire row or arch of teeth, our patients love the long-term health, stability, and appearance of their dental implants.

UAD’s doctors are recognized leaders in the field of dental implants, with published research, active lecturing, and constant mentoring other doctors on dental implant care. Our All-on-4 procedures are completed at the same time the teeth are removed, maintaining your teeth an appearance throughout the treatment. Not only does this optimize your time and comfort in our office, but it also allows for improved maintenance of your dental architecture long-term. Providing these services daily since the introduction of implants in the 1990s, our team of implant surgeons and restorative doctors have perfected our treatment to allow our patients the best dental implant care!

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