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Financing Options & Payment Plans

We understand the cost of dentistry can be expensive, especially when it comes to more advanced care. Our goal is to allow you the care that you deserve in an attainable manner though. With our in-house medical and dental insurance coordinators as well as our internal financing options, we offer a unique benefit to our patients. Our practice also has partnered with multiple third-party financing programs to allow affordable payment plans for your treatment. When you present for your consultation, please let us know if you plan on exploring these financing options for your treatment so that we can properly prepare the programs available to you.


Medical Insurance Benefits

Did you know that your dental treatment is often related to your overall health and health insurance? Dental treatment and complications are often caused by or attributed to more complex health conditions and medications. Patients with dental complications due to congenital disorders, traumatic accidents, and medical treatment are often entitled to medical insurance benefits for their complex dental care. Advanced treatments such as implants, bone grafts, and reconstructive dentistry are necessary to allow proper function, health, and nutrition. Because of our understanding of the importance of this coupled with our dedication to your best care, our practice staffs full-time health insurance coordinators that allow our patients to access their entitled insurance benefits for treatment. If you believe your dental condition is related to or caused by a medial condition or treatment, make sure to let us know at your consultation. Additionally, please bring both your dental and medical insurance cards for our care coordinators to help you understand the coverage for your care.


Dental Insurance Benefits

Our practice accepts all patients' dental insurance, and we file your treatment claims with your insurance companies on your behalf. We refuse to compromise the standard of your care, which means we participate out-of-network with dental insurance to allow you both the highest quality care as well as access to your insurance benefits. This helps our patients maximize their insurance benefits to allow them the affordability for their care. Our practice is committed to your best care and experience, which is why our staff includes full-time health insurance coordinators that organize and submit your insurance claims on your behalf. At your consultation, please bring both your dental and medical insurance cards for our care coordinators to help you understand your policy and the coverage for your care.

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