Many patients want straighter teeth without the hassle or appearance of metal braces. UAD’s Dr. Zalay is recognized as a Top Doctor for Invisalign treatment, the most popular clear retainer system that straightens your teeth and smile.

“Excellent, caring team.”

“Dr. Marcus listened to my concerns, was able to assess my complicated dental situation, and suggest a reasonable treatment plan.”

- Patty, Chicago patient


Invisalign is a clear, smooth plastic retainer that is both molded to fit your mouth and to realign your teeth. The device easily fits over your teeth, and then slowly straightens your teeth over time. Because you remove Invisalign to clean your teeth and the aligner, there’s no awkwardness or pain during your daily activities, and you are less likely to develop abrasions, cavities, and decay around the device. While it may take a couple days to adjust to Invisalign, we are confident that they will quickly become an inconspicuous part of your routine. In fact, some of your friends and colleagues may have already been wearing them around you and you did not even notice!


Invisalign is nearly invisible, and won’t disrupt your smile, speech, or confidence when around other people. Every two weeks, you will receive a new aligner so that you and your UAD doctor are the only ones who are aware of the progress your teeth are making. Like much of our practice, Invisalign is the orthodontic treatment of the future, and we are proud to provide such a innovative, comfortable treatment option for our patients.


Invisalign works beautifully for patients of most ages, from early teens to those with fully grown adult teeth. If you had braces earlier in life, Invisalign is an excellent option for readjusting any minor shifts that have relapsed. The earlier any malalignment is addressed, the easier, quicker, and more affordable your treatment time will be, so we encourage you to discuss your Invisalign options with Dr. Zalay as soon as you notice any shifting in your teeth. During your complimentary consultation, you will discuss your teeth-straightening options and details of your case, including a estimated treatment time, financing options, and a digital visualization of the planned outcome.

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