5 Common foods & drinks that stain your teeth

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University Associates in Dentistry’s Tips to Avoid Teeth-Staining

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No one enjoys stains on their teeth. Stains on your teeth are caused by acidic food that changes your tooth enamel to allow staining to set, strong color pigments in foods, and tannins that allow stains to stick easily. Below we will review some of the main causes of teeth-staining and tips to avoid discoloring your pearly whites!


  • Sports and Energy Drinks – can erode enamel, setting the stage for stains.
  • Black Tea (like English Breakfast and Earl Grey) – can cause more stains than coffee.
  • Red Wine – is a dark, rich, acidic drink that will discolor teeth.
  • Sauces (soy, tomato, and curry) – also cause stains.
  • Berries and Fruits (blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and other vibrant fruits) – can stain teeth. So can juices and pies made from them.


  1. You may not want to eliminate all teeth-staining foods and drinks, but ease up a bit and follow these simple tips to avoid stains!
  2. Use a paper or reusable straw and sip on beverages. This should keep the liquid away from your teeth.
  3. Swallow, don’t swish your drinks so the liquid doesn’t linger in your mouth.
  4. Drink water to help remove some of the coloring before it sets in.
  5. Rinse, then brush 30 – 60 minutes after eating or drinking.
  6. Floss to remove plaque between the teeth to eliminate places for potential staining.
  7. Get your teeth cleaned regularly, this will help keep your smile beautiful and white!

If you want white teeth and the above options don’t seem to be working, our dental office in downtown Chicago offers veneers and professional teeth whitening as solutions.

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