Cosmetic Dentistry


UAD doctors understand that simple steps to brighten your smile can significantly change your quality of life, boost your health, and radiate your confidence.

With an expertise and passion for aesthetic dentistry, we apply the same precision and patient-centered care to your cosmetic procedures. In our practice, we maintain special relationships with the most highly-talented ceramists, on both a national and international level, which only benefits our patients to receive the most beautiful results. Our gentle touch, state of the art technology and techniques, and dedication to patient satisfaction will leave you loving not only your result, but your overall experience.


During your complimentary consultation, the UAD care team will share a complete care plan with options that are best-fit to satisfy your needs, desires, and budget.

WHITENING eliminates inevitable staining and discoloration within the tooth structure, often due to everyday delights like coffee, tea, red wine, and staining foods. UAD doctors offer several different whitening options, including in-office bleaching as well as at-home bleaching options. .

BONDING is applied to repair and strengthen chipped or discolored tooth structure. As one of the most conservative treatment options, this type of material needs minimal tooth preparation and chemically bonds to the tooth structure.

VENEERS are a minimally invasive and very thin porcelain restoration option that looks natural, but enhances the shape, size, spacing, or shade of your teeth.  Veneers also require minimal preparation and are chemically bonded to the tooth structure; however, unlike bonding, they are made of a strong porcelain material that is structurally and color stable. With how natural we are able to create their appearance, no one will ever know they are not your own teeth!

ALL-CERAMIC CROWNS are metal-free, natural-looking, precise-fitting, and strong replacements for damaged or missing teeth. UAD doctors only use the most premium quality and look of porcelain crowns for our patients. With modern technology and techniques, we are able to practice very minimally-invasive preparations to reduce the tooth structure removal for crowns, practicing the most conservative dentistry for your care.

CEREC is UAD’s in-house method for making and placing crowns in a single visit. With this option, there is no need for a temporary crown and no need for any second appointment at a later date. Using a chairside computerized digital impression program, we design, make, and place the custom-fit crown right in our office in one appointment.

“Excellent, caring team.”

For years, I've covered my mouth when laughing to hide the ugly silver fillings that mar a number of my teeth.  Dr. Marcus told me about the recent innovations that would enable him not only to treat a dental problem, but also to improve the overall appearance of my teeth. [With a] new CEREC crown, I can toss back my head, open my mouth and laugh heartily.

- Karen


UAD doctors are internationally recognized experts who conduct clinical research and share their findings and best-practices with colleagues and students around the world. Many of the techniques that other chain dental offices boast about have been in practice at UAD for more than a decade. That means our team is precision-skilled at all the procedures we use with patients, and that we are always adding newest discoveries and treatments for your better health, comfort, and superior care.

Ask a UAD doctor about which advanced and current cosmetic therapies will work best for you.

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