Dental Implants

UAD offers the 21st century’s most natural tooth replacement solutions to patients: dental implants.

You will receive all your care for dental implants and other procedures in one office, from the same team, from the time you walk through our door until you leave as a happier, healthier patient with fully functioning teeth and your brightest smile. All of your maintenance and annual dental care is also right in our office, with doctors and hygienists that you trust. Most implant procedures are completed at the same time that the tooth is removed, replacing a tooth or multiple teeth in one visit. Your experience and care is the most important to us, so we make sure your customized treatment is always thorough, efficient, and comforting.



Like natural teeth, dental implants are held within the bone, where they retain and support a crown, allowing for the functional and cosmetic replacement of teeth. Dental implants are also critical for your long-term health, preventing the bone loss and gum recession that often result from having bridgework or dentures. With the replacement of a lost tooth by dental implants, you are not just restoring your tooth, but also your ability to eat, your smile, and your overall quality of life.

With continued care from UAD doctors and hygienists, your implants should last a lifetime, and help you feel a renewed sense of well-being and confidence.

“Excellent, caring team.”

I want to thank you so very much for all of the wonderful care I was given throughout all of my dental procedures.  I love my implants.  I have not had one second of regret, pain, or discomfort in any way.  There are not enough words to say in gratitude of how I feel now!  For starters, I am healthier and more confident in a way I haven't felt in many years.  I love to smile and you gave me my smile back.

- Karen Hager


For patients who have failing bridges, multiple teeth with decay, or are missing multiple teeth, UAD doctors are leaders in offering an All-On-Four™ implant approach. Since this treatment’s infancy, UAD’s doctors have worked with Nobel Biocare to help optimize the system, allowing for the most ideal treatment experience for patients. This process offers stellar aesthetic results within a single appointment. The All-on-Four treatment only requires four implants to replace a full row of teeth, making it a more affordable option than many traditional techniques.


UAD is one of the few dental providers that offers the innovative Trefoil Implant system by Nobel Biocare. The Trefoil needs only 3 unique implants that can be adjusted for unmatched precision fitting, so that your implants look and feel natural, comfortable, and strong. Our doctors also love that Trefoil devices make same-day rehabilitation a possibility for patients.

If you have gone to other dental implant centers such as ClearChoice or Eon clinics for an implant consultation, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion.  We welcome the opportunity to provide a complimentary consultation to you in a convenient and warm atmosphere.  You will quickly understand why so many potential implant patients come to UAD and become part of our UAD family.  Call today:  312.704.5511