Get your complete dental care at UAD, including your twice-yearly cleanings, routine treatment, as well as complex and specialty care. Our doctors work together so that you get the best of their expertise to manage any dental needs or requests you may have. Although we do not list all of our services here, we have provided explanations of the more common services offered in our office to better help you appreciate our practice. If you have any further questions on services that may be offered in our office that you do not find descriptions of below, please feel free to inquire by calling our practice’s reception area at 312-704-5511.


Experience premier care while feeling right at home during your twice-yearly cleanings. Our practice’s warm, welcoming, enjoyable environment changes the feeling of going to the dentist. We aim to do dentistry differently, bring 21st century innovation and care together to make sure your smile looks and feels its best.


Gum disease can sneak up, even on those who take their dental care seriously. Tartar and other deposits build up under the gum line, leading an odor of bad breath and progressing problems for the teeth and gums . UAD doctors and hygienists restore oral health with a deep cleaning procedure that stabilizes the tooth and allows gum tissue to heal properly. We use special instruments or ultrasonic cleansers for deep cleaning.


Over time, our teeth often discolor as they are exposed to various staining agents, such as coffee, wine, tea, and food. To counteract this discoloration, we offer several different bleaching options that help you maintain the beautiful white appearance of your smile.


Bonding and fillings have multiple purposes in dentistry, including repairing a chipped tooth or treating small cavities. When a small cavity starts, it is best found and treated early, before it progresses to needing more complex treatment. Our general dentists are highly experienced and precise in their minimally-invasive techniques to restore proper tooth health, esthetics, and function.

“Excellent, caring team.”

“Dr. Marcus listened to my concerns, was able to assess my complicated dental situation, and suggest a reasonable treatment plan.”

- Patty, Chicago patient


To esthetically restore a tooth that has a larger cavity or broken-down tooth structure, a crown or bridge restoration provides a more robust long-term solution. All of our crowns and bridges are metal-free and made of porcelain ceramics to offer the best in strength and esthetics. With our innovative lab technology in-house, we have the option of providing a patient’s crown all in one appointment (same-day dentistry). For larger, more complex procedures that involve multiple crowns or a full-mouth reconsutrction, our experienced dentists and board-certified dental specialist (prosthodontist) take pride in providing the highest quality results to properly restore a the health and beautiful appearance of patient’s teeth and smile.


Let’s face it, tooth aches, infections and injuries can be extremely painful, leading to problems for the teeth and compromising the remaining tooth structure. In times like these, a root canal is often the therapy of choice, as it is a proven and highly successful treatment for removing diseased tissue from the inside of the tooth and quickly eliminating that miserable toothache feeling, all while maintaining the tooth for the future.


Sometimes a tooth is too compromised to be saved, and restoration procedures like root canal therapy, fillings, or crowns are just not enough to predictably save a tooth. In cases like this, the compromised tooth is best removed and replaced to restore the appearance, function, and stability of your teeth. Extractions are a regular procedure that our doctor’s complete with ease on a daily basis, leaving you with minimal discomfort and successful healing.


In situations where a tooth is unable to be successfully saved, our practice provides you with a treatment option that is able to remove the tooth and replace it with a healthier and stronger alternative, such as a dental implant, all at the same time. UAD’s doctors were pioneers in this same-day dental implant replacement procedure, which has become accepted as the optimal treatment option for non-restorable teeth. In today’s practice, on a daily basis, our patients enjoy the efficiency of this treatment, the maintenance of a cosmetic appearance, and the high long-term success of this replacement option for bad teeth. Click here to learn more about UAD’s dental implant options.

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