A Look at Oral Care Through the Ages

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Ancient Egypt The field of dentistry is one that has been in existence for thousands of years. While your dentist in Chicago may have at his disposal more information and strategies to prevent and address your dental needs, ancient medicine men likewise used what they knew to help individuals suffering from oral maladies. As these early pioneers of dentistry honed their practices, patients became the beneficiaries of these innovations.

Creating a Dental Profession
The ancient Egyptians are responsible for many cultural, medical, and industrial advancements. Among their many achievements is the establishment of the dental profession. While it would be many more centuries before the medical field cultivated a dental specialty , surviving Egyptian monuments indicate the existence of a person known as Hesy-Re who practiced the dental arts. Thousands of years later, Europe at last saw the first formal establishment of individuals who catered to the dental needs of the public.

Easing Tooth Pain

The toothache is a problem that likely predates written history. Moreover, well before individuals were looked to for their dental expertise, people were trying to find ways to address tooth pain and infections. People who practiced dentistry thousands of years ago did not comprehend how tooth decay developed. However, they did understand that alleviating pressure in infected teeth could lessen discomfort. Historians now know from the analysis of ancient teeth that patients were treated with crude drilling techniques.

Enhancing Patient Appearance

Did you know that cosmetic dentistry has its roots several centuries back? Procedures such as professional teeth whitening and porcelain veneers may be newer dental practices, but for hundreds of years, dentists have been applying cosmetic techniques to help patients achieve a more beautiful smile. For instance, documents have been found from the 1700s that discuss how to use enamel on restorative devices to maintain natural-looking teeth. While materials such as gold, silver, and even wood were often used to address tooth loss, dentists were taking advantage of porcelain to create more realistic teeth for patients as well.

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