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sleep apnea treatment chicago Did you know that a dentist can help with sleep apnea treatment in Chicago? Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which a patient’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and is linked to daytime fatigue, high blood pressure and heart problems, and diabetes. It is important to report any symptoms of snoring or waking during the night to your dentist and primary care doctor. Here is how your dentist may treat your sleep apnea:

Sleep Apnea Appliance / Mouth Guard
Most people think of a dentist as providing essential oral health care, including teeth implants, Invisalign, and veneers. While a dentist certainly cares for patients’ teeth, only a dentist can provide customized mouth guard/sleep apnea appliance to assist in breathing. For mild sleep apnea, a dentist will create an adjustable mouthpiece /mouth guard to keep your lower jaw and tongue in the proper position to open your airways while you sleep.

Other Options:
Orthodontics can also help people with sleep apnea. Irregularities such as overbite, injuries, birth defects, and a misaligned jaw can block airway space. This can lead to sleep apnea. Orthodontics can help by realigning the jaw and changing the pattern of one’s bite, leading to better breathing and better sleep!

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