A Look at the Health Benefits of Wearing Invisalign

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Having a beautiful smile is a top priority for most people. If your smile isn’t everything you’d like it to be, restorative and cosmetic dentistry can help you get the straight, healthy, and attractive teeth you have always wanted. Invisalign is one option for improving your smile that also offers a number of oral health benefits. In addition to gently and gradually straightening your teeth, Invisalign can help you achieve:


Cleaner  Teeth
When your teeth are straight, they are easier to clean properly. There are no crevices between overlapping teeth for food particles or bacteria to get stuck in. Remember, too, that because  Invisalign trays  are removable, you can easily keep your teeth clean and healthy while you are straightening them.

Healthy Gums
Invisalign closes gaps in between teeth, which can lead to healthier gums. When there is too much space between teeth, it is easier for the teeth to become loose. It’s also easier for bacteria and plaque to attack the gums, causing gum disease. Teeth that are crowded can also cause problems with the gums that Invisalign can help correct.

Improved Overall Health
Tooth decay and gum disease have been linked to a multitude of other medical conditions. These inflammatory conditions can contribute to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and even pneumonia. Since it’s easier to care for straight teeth and because straight teeth lead to healthier gums, using Invisalign to correct the position of your teeth can help you prevent serious medical conditions.

Better Mental Health
Your mental health is tied closely to your self-esteem and confidence. If your teeth are misaligned, you may feel uncomfortable smiling or interacting with others. Undergoing treatment with the Invisalign system can prove life-changing if it improves your confidence in yourself.

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