Answering Questions about the All-on-4 System

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The All-on-4 system, a version of the dental implant procedure, offers patients a quicker recovery and a beautiful new smile. Patients tend to have similar questions about the system, so here’s a quick Q & A:

Who Qualifies for the All-on-4 Procedure?
Due to the advancement of dental implants, most patients can qualify for some form of the procedure, including the All-on-4 system. Patients with all different levels of dental health can qualify for All-on-4, but those in good health will recovery more quickly and accept the implants more easily. Before scheduling the procedure, all patients should speak with their dentist about taking any recommended steps, such as improving their dental or overall health.

Will I Be Able to Chew Again with the All-on-4 System?
Patients who undergo the procedure will be able to chew on a piece of steak or even bite into an apple as soon as they have fully recovered. Like other dental implant procedures, the All-on-4 system returns normal tooth and mouth function to patients all over the world. People who choose this option come out with greater confidence from a stronger, fuller smile!

What is the Recovery Process Like?
Recovery is different for every patient, but it usually goes smoothly. The key to a quick recovery is to follow all directions given by the dentist and dental staff. Patients can expect tenderness in the mouth for several weeks following the procedure, which may require a short-term liquid and soft food diet. Tenderness and pain can be managed with pain-relievers and anti-inflammatories as needed.

Please call University Associates in Dentistry to learn more about the All-on-4 system in Chicago. Our dentists have trained with the dentist who established the All-on-4 protocol, so our patients are sure to be in great hands. We are available for consultations at (312) 704-5511.

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