Blackhawks Face Stiff Challenges in the Playoffs

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As the team dentist for the Chicago Blackhawks, University Associates in Dentistry has a vested interested in how the team does. That’s why we’re excited to see them launch into the 2015 playoffs and (hopefully) bring home the Stanley Cup. However, we know that the Blackhawks face some stiff challenges—not the least of which is keeping their teeth intact during on-ice scuffles.

First up is the Nashville Predators, whose regular season record (47-25-10) is very similar to that of the Blackhawks (48-28-6). The Blackhawks have plenty more experience in the playoffs, however, so we like to think that our team will prevail. Unfortunately, it’s still uncertain whether top-scorer Patrick Kane has recovered enough to make an impact in the series. Next up will most likely be the St. Louis Blues, who will be gunning for revenge after our team’s victory during last year’s quarterfinals. We don’t want to jinx anything, so we’ll stop there with the predictions and focus on providing stellar dentistry services in Chicago.

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