Dental Health Through the Centuries [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Dentistry dates back much further than many people assume. Even in ancient times, tooth decay was a concern—though then, decay was blamed on tooth worms. The first dentist appeared in ancient Egypt, and the ancient Greeks wrote extensively about dental care. However, it wasn’t until the 18 th and 19 th centuries that dental care really took off. During that time, a general dentist would do more than tooth extractions, and many experimented with rudimentary procedures for teeth implants and fillings. It is for good reason that dentistry began to expand during this time, as the introduction of high-sugar foods caused tooth decay cases to sore. Find out more about dental health and treatments over the years in this infographic from University Associates in Dentistry . At our practice, you’ll find the very latest advances in general and cosmetic dentistry in Chicago. Please share this fascinating information about the evolution of dental health care with your friends and family.

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