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Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant is a simple, straightforward, and non-stressful procedure. What many patients don’t understand, however, is how the artificial implant integrates into your mouth and becomes a permanent part of your smile. This process is known as osseointegration. Here is a closer look at how this natural process completes the dental implant procedure.

What is osseointegration?
Osseointegration is the process by which the dental implant melds with your living bone. When your human cells come into contact with the metal cells of the implant post, they naturally form bonds, which ultimately allows the metal part of your implant to stay in place. It’s a widely used process; any type of implant surgery that involves metal parts, such as hip replacement or knee replacement surgery, relies in part on osseointegration.

Is osseointegration safe?
Osseointegration is a natural process, so it is completely safe for treatment. It also makes dental implants much more likely to be stable over time, which means that patients now have a safe, effective, and reliable means of replacing lost teeth—which is great news for your oral health.

How long does osseointegration take?
For dental implants, osseointegration generally takes about two to six months. The denser and healthier your existing bone is, the faster the process will tend to be. Your dentist may recommend bone grafting if you have a significant amount of bone loss, so that your implant has a stronger foundation and so that osseointegration can more easily occur.

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