How to Keep Your Mouth Guard in its Best Shape

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Your dentist can provide a mouth guard for you to wear during sports and exercise. This important piece of safety equipment protects your teeth and gums from injuries that can occur during play. Remember that in order to do its job properly, your mouth guard must be kept in good shape.

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Keep Your Mouth Guard Clean
Keeping your mouth guard clean is essential to keeping it in good repair and keeping your mouth healthy. Ask your dentist about special care needs for your mouth guard.  Wash your mouth guard  using only cool water, as hot water may deform it and affect its fit. Soak the mouth guard for a few minutes in a mouthwash solution after each wear before you store it. Brush your teeth before putting in your mouth guard to prevent contaminating it with food or bacteria from your teeth.

Store Your Mouth Guard Safely
Storing your mouth guard in an approved container will keep it safe when it’s not in use. Ask your dentist about a hard case or purchase one in a store to protect your mouth guard. Never leave your mouth guard or its case in direct sunlight and avoid leaving it where children or pets might find it. Keep your mouth guard and case away from dirty or sweaty clothes, especially after a game or workout.

Get Your Mouth Guard Checked Regularly
Your dentist should inspect your mouth guard during each of your routine dental exams to ensure that it is in good condition and fits properly. Your dentist can also check to ensure that it is clean and free of buildup that could lead to infection or tooth decay. If you feel like your mouth guard doesn’t fit as well as it should, bring it to your dentist for an adjustment rather than trying to fix it yourself. Your dentist will know when it’s time to replace your mouth guard for effective protection.

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