Keeping Your Teeth Protected While Participating in Athletic Activities

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While most athletes take extreme precautions to protect their bodies from injury, few remember that they also need to protect their teeth. Dental injuries can easily occur during athletic activities of any sort and can cause permanent damage to the teeth and surrounding structures. If you are an athlete, here are the essential steps to take to protect your teeth: 

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Use a Protective Helmet
Many fast-paced sports require players to wear helmets. Along with protecting the head, certain helmets can also give the face, mouth, and teeth protection. If you play a sport in which dental injuries are common, always wear a helmet that has a mouthpiece when on the field.

Wear a Mouth Guard
Most athletic-related dental injuries occur because people do not wear mouth guards. A mouth guard is a flexible device made from thermoplastic that goes directly over the front teeth. Mouth guards are often effective for preventing tooth loss and other forms of dental damage that occur due to blunt force. If you play football or hockey, you should always wear a mouth guard, as these sports involve a lot of physical contact. A mouth guard should also be worn if you ride a bike, skateboard, or rollerblade, as these activities are also common causes of dental injury.

Choose the Right Mouth Guard
Wearing a mouth guard is important for protecting your teeth, but it is essential to choose the right kind. Many dentists recommend wearing a custom-made mouth guard that is created to fit your teeth exactly. Custom-made mouth guards give you maximum protection and are also very comfortable to wear. While store-bought mouth guards are also available, they usually do not work as effectively. Be sure to consult your dentist if you have questions about selecting the right kind of mouth guard.

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