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Your dentist can provide a number of dental appliances to help with your everyday life. By wearing custom-fitted mouth guards, athletes can protect their teeth from damage. People who have sleep apnea can alleviate the symptoms and sleep better by using a specialized appliance. For detailed information on these topics, please click the links below. If you would like to speak with an experienced dentist about athletic mouth guards or dental appliances, call University Associates in Dentistry in Chicago at (312) 704-5511.

  • Learn everything you need to know about sleep apnea at MedicineNet.com.
  • Dental devices offer an effective way to alleviate sleep apnea symptoms. Find out more about dental devices from The New York Times .
  • Visit the Mayo Clinic’s website for information about sleep apnea symptoms and treatments.
  • Oral appliances can be used effectively to treat sleep apnea , according to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Visit the organization’s website to find out more.
  • Do you play sports? If so, visit WebMD.com to learn why you should wear an athletic mouth guard

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