Looking at the Link Between Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease

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Periodontal disease and heart disease come with their own symptoms and concerns , but they can both seriously impact your quality of life. It turns out that the 2 conditions are also linked in ways that you might not have realized, making a trip to the dentist even more important. Continue reading and look at the link between these diseases.

Periodontal Disease
You might not think that your dentist could have anything to do with your heart, but you might be wrong. Periodontal disease occurs when a buildup of contaminants makes its way above or below the gum line. This often happens when people stop regularly brushing, flossing, and seeing their dentists. The gums become red, sensitive, and inflamed, and may recede from the teeth, leading to tooth loss. You should talk to your dentist as soon as you notice any symptoms of gum disease.

Heart Disease
Conditions of the heart tend to be genetic, but there are ways you can reduce your risk for heart disease. This is good news because this disease is known to top the list of health conditions that kill Americans. Heart disease comes in several different forms, but they all typically include chest pain as a symptom. Although chest pain isn’t usually associated with oral health issues, there may be some overlap between periodontal disease and heart disease.

The Link
One thing that periodontal disease and heart disease have in common is inflammation. The gums become inflamed when plaque and tartar build up on the teeth, and this inflammation could make it more difficult for blood to get to the heart. Since there are so many blood vessels in the gums, the bacteria from your mouth may travel to your heart, making you more susceptible to heart disease.

Taking care of your oral health might reduce your chances for serious conditions like heart disease, so call University Associates in Dentistry at (312) 704-5511. We can replace your missing teeth and we also offer porcelain veneers and Invisalign near Chicago, so visit our website for a closer look at our services.

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