Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Dental Implants in Chicago

If you are missing even one tooth, it can throw off the aesthetic appeal and the function of your entire mouth. Dental implants in Chicago are a great option for replacing missing teeth. Keep reading to find out why you should talk to your dentist about getting dental implants to replace missing teeth:

To Prevent Further Bone Loss
When you are missing one tooth, it can cause the jawbone to start shrinking. This resorption process starts almost as soon as the tooth is removed and will continue over time. If you want to prevent this bone loss, it is important to replace missing teeth with dental implants that help you maintain the rest of your jawbone .

To Improve Your Smile
A beautiful smile helps boost your confidence. It also gives other people a better first impression of your personality. If you are missing even one tooth, it throws off the aesthetic appeal of your smile and might even make you ashamed of your teeth. Talk to your dentist about getting dental implants to replace these missing teeth and restore the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

To Improve Your Oral Health
When you are missing teeth, there are more places for food and plaque to gather, which can increase your risk of developing cavities or periodontal disease. When you get dental implants, though, you can fill in these holes and reduce your risk for these oral health issues. As long as you brush and floss your teeth regularly and continue to visit your dentist twice a year, you can significantly reduce your risk for cavities and periodontal disease.

If you are interested in dental implants, come to University Associates in Dentistry , home of The Dental Implant Institute of Chicago (DIIC). At DIIC, Dr. Russell Baer not only performs implant procedures, he trains fellow dentists and prosthodontist in the field of implantology. As one of the top dental centers in Chicago, we make it easy to get the treatment you need to perfect your smile. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call (312) 704-5511.

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