Restorative Dentistry: What Is It and How Can It Change Your Life?

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Have you thought about ways to change your life for the better? Many people consider losing weight and getting healthier as part of a plan to improve their lives. However, restorative dentistry can also have a positive impact on your life. In fact, many people have discovered an entirely new lease on life after undergoing restorative dentistry procedures.

Restorative Dentistry Defined

Restorative dentistry is a dental specialty that includes endodontics, periodontics, and prosthodontics. These areas of dentistry focus on the gums, the pulp of the tooth, and implantation of prosthetic teeth. With restorative dentistry, you can repair tooth damage , correct problems, and have a beautiful smile to be proud of.

Candidates for Restorative Dentistry

If you have gum disease that has caused the loss of teeth, you may benefit from restorative dentistry. People who have lost teeth from accidents, injuries, birth defects, or medications can also see wonderful results from dental implants, which are common in restorative dentistry. If cavities have destroyed your teeth, a restorative dentist can provide implants, veneers, or other restorations to correct the damage.

Common Procedures in Restorative Dentistry

Dental implants are often used to restore teeth that have been lost due to decay or injury. Dental bonding or veneers can be used to correct cracks or chips in teeth, which can be both painful and unsightly. Root canal procedures are another restorative dental treatment and are used to remove damaged or infected pulp from a tooth’s root canal.

If your teeth are not as attractive or as functional as you would like them to be, you may benefit from restorative dentistry. In Chicago, let the cosmetic and restorative dentists at University Associates in Dentistry help you get the smile you want while restoring your oral health and function. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our restorative dentistry procedures, call us at (312) 704-5511 today.


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