Spotlight on Dentistry in Ancient Egypt

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Dentistry in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians didn’t have veneers or invisalign, but they did visit the dentist to ask for a remedy to toothaches. The world’s earliest recorded dentist was Hesyre, who held the titles of chief of dentists and chief of physicians in ancient Egypt. He lived around 2660 BC, and his tomb was found near what is now Cairo. Other medical professionals at the time held similar titles. While it is not clear what the jobs of these esteemed early dentists entailed, it is clear that dental care was considered quite important.

Many of the records from Hesyre’s time cover the topic of preventing tooth loss. The remedy at the time involved packing a paste around the tooth and gums. Many of the ingredients of this paste stand the test of time. Honey is known to have antibacterial qualities, and ochre serves as a mild antiseptic. It seems that Hesyre and his contemporaries regularly treated periodontal disease.

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