Spotlight on Dentistry in Colonial America

Dental Implants in Chicago

When you visit your dentist, you can learn about the vast array of state-of-the-art treatments that he or she has to offer. Today’s dental implants, veneers, and Invisalign treatment plans are all options that would have been practically unthinkable a few hundred years ago. Read on to learn a little bit about dentistry in colonial America.

In colonial times, dental health took a backseat to most other aspects of daily life. People lost their teeth young, and the average person did not brush his or her teeth. Toothaches ran rampant, and when they got too painful, some people would remove their own teeth. Unfortunately, this often led to even more serious oral health issues due to the harsh treatment. Early colonials went to blacksmiths or barbers rather than dentists, but the 18 th century saw the arrival of traveling dentists in America from Europe.

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