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Preventing injuries during sports and play can preserve the health and beauty of your smile. These web resources provide more information about mouth guards and common mouth injuries to help you smile brightly for life:


  • This article on Livestrong.com provides instructions on how to properly  clean your mouth guard  after each use to keep it in great condition.
  • Mouth injuries frequently occur in children while they are playing or exploring. If your child sustains an injury, follow these care tips from WhatToExpect.com.
  • What is a mouth guard and how does it protect your teeth ? You can find plenty of information about mouth guards on this page from KnowYourTeeth.com.
  • What should you do in the event of a mouth injury? Colgate.com explains  how to handle dental emergencies .
  • Oral injuries may involve damage to the teeth, lips, tongue, or other parts of the mouth. This page on EverydayHealth.com outlines some  common mouth injuries  you may encounter. 

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