The Benefits of Wearing Mouth Guards

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A mouth guard is a protective device worn during sports or sleep to prevent damage to the teeth. You can get a custom-fitted mouth guard from your dentist to ensure proper fit and function. Mouth guards not only minimize damage and injury to the teeth during sports, but also offer performance-enhancing benefits, as well.

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Protection for Teeth and Gums
Athletes are particularly prone to a variety of dental injuries. Falls or blows to the face during high-impact sports or gymnastics can injure the teeth, gums, and jaws. Long-term tooth clenching or grinding during activities like running and weight lifting can result in worn tooth enamel that causes sensitivity or cosmetic issues. Individuals currently undergoing orthodontic treatment should also consider wearing a mouth guard during any sports activities to protect their braces and soft tissues from damage.

Enhanced Concentration and Breathing
The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Vikings all utilized leather straps or bits in the mouth to increase their abilities during sports and battle. Today, numerous studies have revealed that the use of a mouth guard can increase power during athletic performance and improve the body’s output. The act of biting down on a mouth guard promotes blood flow throughout the body for improved physical and mental performance. Additionally, certain types of mouth guards are also designed to position the jaws, teeth, and tongue comfortably during cardiovascular activity. Runners can increase their speed simply by breathing more efficiently and providing more oxygenated blood to their muscles.

University Associates In Dentistry  is here to help you find the perfect mouth guard for your dental health and athletic performance. As the team dentists of the Chicago Blackhawks, we have the experience in sports dentistry necessary to enhance your game while preserving your smile. Visit us on the web or call (312) 704-5511 to learn more information or to schedule your appointment with us.

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