The How and Whys of CT Scans

Dental Implants in Chicago

Doctors aren’t the only ones who rely on images from CT scans. These high-tech imaging devices have begun appearing in some dentist’s offices. With these highly detailed images, a dentist can precisely plan treatments like the placement of permanent dental implants.

Watch this featured video to find out how CT scans work. You’ll learn that they use X-ray technology, but they offer superior benefits compared to conventional X-rays. CT scans use multiple beams of X-rays, which are directed at many angles. This allows the computer to create a 3D cross-sectional image. CT scans also have much lower radiation than conventional scans and X-rays. They also target a small section of the face- mouth and sinuses only.

At University Associates in Dentistry, we use advanced dental technology for the benefit of our patients—including a CT scanner designed specifically for use by dentists. Call (312) 704-5511 to request a dental consultation in Chicago.

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