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When you look after your oral health, you can both protect your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease and ensure that you have a more beautiful and longer lasting smile. These articles explain how to take care of your teeth and what measures can be taken to correct dental problems.

toothbrush and some toothpaste

  • Your toothpaste can directly impact the health of your teeth and the look of your smile. WebMD.com breaks down how to pick out the right toothpaste  for you.
  • You might have the right toothpaste, but do you know how to properly use it? MouthHealthy.org explains the correct way to brush your teeth .
  • Don’t be discouraged by tooth loss. MedicineNet.com details how  dental implants  can improve your smile and safeguard your oral health.
  • Tooth loss often results from advanced gum disease . The U.S. National Library of Medicine gives readers a comprehensive overview of this condition.
  • This article from EverydayHealth.com offers additional information about toothpaste .

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