What Are Zirconium Dental Implants?

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If you have missing teeth, you run the risk of serious oral health problems, including loss of bone mass in the jaw structures. This is why cosmetic dentists highly recommend dental implants. Dental implants are permanent posts that are inserted directly into the jawbone. Once the bone adheres to the post, your cosmetic dentist covers it with a completely natural-looking crown. In the past, dentists had limited options when it came to choosing material for the implants. Advances in dental technology now allow dentists to use zirconium. Here’s a look at this material and its benefits for your oral health:


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Zirconium Basics
Zirconia dental implants are made of zirconium oxide (ZrO2), a special type of ceramic. Zirconium is an inert, grayish-whitish transition metal that is commonly used as an alloy material thanks to its resistance to corrosion. Zirconium closely resembles titanium, another commonly used material for dental implants.

Benefits of Zirconium
Zirconium offers a metal-free alternative  to titanium for patients. This type of dental implant closely resembles your natural teeth; no one will be able to tell the difference. Dentists also recommend zirconium implants because they are very hygienic. It’s easier to keep them clean because they typically retain plaque and tartar less readily than titanium. Also, the material is highly durable and resistant to fractures.

Biocompatibility of the Implant
Zirconium offers a viable solution for those who are allergic to metals like titanium. Zirconium offers a high degree of biocompatibility, which means that patients are much less likely to experience an allergic reaction.

Osseointegration of the Implant
One of the key factors that determines the success of a dental implant is the adherence of the bone to the post. This is a process known as osseointegration. Dentists often recommend zirconium implants because they have demonstrated great success with bone fusion.

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