Which Beverages Are Bad for Your Teeth?

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You already know that the foods you eat can directly impact your dental health, but did you know that the beverages you drink could have the same—if not greater—effect? Healthy drinks like water and low-fat milk can boost your oral health dramatically, but picking the wrong beverages can have a disastrous impact. Here is a look at which beverages you should avoid:

The worst offender for your dental health is soda. Regular soda packs a dental health double-whammy. It bathes your teeth in sugar, which triggers the growth of tooth-decay-causing bacteria. Soda is also highly acidic, so it eats away at your tooth enamel. Diet soda isn’t much better, either. Although it lacks the sugar, diet soda still has enough acid to do serious damage to your teeth. The same goes for citrus fruit juices, which are also high in sugar and acids.

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