Why Your Dentist May Use CT Scans in Your Treatment Care Plan

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At University Associates in Dentistry, we are proud to use innovative treatment technologies in our offices. When creating a treatment plan with your dentist, he or she may recommend that you receive a CT scan. CT scans are used for patients that are in need of advanced imaging for certain oral health conditions; such as dental implants, TMJ treatments, or other advanced dental procedure. CT scans can provide your dentist with a clear picture of the anatomy that will help create the smile you desire.

If you are seeking dental implants in Chicago, you can trust the staff at University Associates In Dentistry to provide you with top quality care. We specialize in permanent dental implants, and we will use the latest instruments/tools and techniques to perform your cosmetic dentistry services. To make an appointment for an initial consultation, or to learn about the benefits of teeth implants, call us at (312) 704-5511.

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