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veneers Chicago Veneers are used to correct a broad range of cosmetic flaws. A dentist regularly places veneers to fix misaligned teeth, including gapped, overlapping, or overly crowded teeth. Veneers are also an alternative to teeth whitening for patients whose teeth are too deeply stained for bleach to be effective. Finally, cosmetic dentistry recommends veneers to mask minor chips and cracks. Read on to learn even more about porcelain veneers—and find out why some veneer myths are simply untrue.

Veneers DO Appear Natural
One common myth about dental veneers is that they are so bright and shiny that they appear unnatural. However, the opposite is true. Veneers can be precisely color-matched to your surrounding natural teeth. Before placing your veneers, your dentist will guide you through before and after pictures of veneers so you can achieve the look you desire. After that, your veneers are custom made in a lab just for you.

Veneers Do NOT Require Excessive Filing
Another pervasive myth about dental veneers is that your dentist will have to significantly file down your teeth. However, with modern veneers, your cosmetic dentist will only minimally reshape your teeth. Veneers are now so thin that they require very little preparation before your dentist can place them. Any alterations to your teeth will be invisible to your naked eye.

Veneers DO Serve More Than Just Cosmetic Purposes
Some people falsely believe that veneers are merely cosmetic solutions. However, as your general dentist will explain, veneers do even more than improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers can also be used to fill out the cheeks, replace misshapen or worn teeth, and rebuild molars.

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