The Value of a Whiter Smile

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The Value of  a Smile Is your smile holding you back from interacting with the world? Many people develop dull or yellowing teeth for a number of lifestyle reasons. Teeth tend to darken as we get older, and in combination with certain foods or smoking our smiles may eventually lose their luster. A dull smile can take a toll on many of the social aspects in your life. Cosmetic dentistry has made it easier than ever to have whiter teeth . Take back your smile now, and discover all the ways your life can transform.

Higher Self Esteem
Sometimes a dull smile can make social situations seem daunting. You may be holding back due to embarrassment of a dull smile. When you have brighter, whiter teeth you will want to smile more . Smiling makes you feel good. When you feel good about yourself, you open up to new social situations. You won’t think twice about greeting a new friend or addressing a crowd of people. Your bright smile will lead the way, and you will feel more confident than ever.

Career Advancement
If you have been feeling like your dull smile controls your life, it is time to change that. You may be smiling less, which can affect the way others see you. When you are trying to get a job or advance your career, your body language is important. With a bright smile you can make a big impact and captivate anyone in a job interview. Increase your chances of career success with a whiter smile today.

Romantic Possibilities
Research shows that 96 percent of adults find an attractive smile appealing. You will always have your smile, but a brighter smile can immediately catch someone’s eye. When you have your teeth whitened you will gain a new level of self-confidence that no love interest can resist. You can be bold and take more romantic risks when you feel good about yourself.

There are a number of quick and painless ways to achieve whiter teeth. Contact the office of University Associates in Dentistry to learn more about our whitening and cosmetic dentistry services in Chicago. Call us at (312) 704-5511 or visit us online for more information.

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