Tips for Talking to Your Dentist About Your Implant Options

Dental Implants in Chicago

Sometimes the cosmetic dentistry industry can be difficult due to some specialized jargon. Once you talk to your dentist and recognize these terms, they should be relatively easy to understand. If you’re thinking about your dental implant options, you should know what the procedure is like as well as the different types of dental implants that are available. Make sure you disclose your medical history to your dentist and read ahead for tips on talking about dental implants.

Understand the procedure.

The purpose of a dental implant is to replace a missing tooth, or missing teeth, to provide strong and stable teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. A dental implant is placed in the upper or lower jawbone. An abutment is attached to the implant for the purpose of connecting the implant and the crown. This creates a natural look and can often be done in one hour.

Discuss different forms of implants.

While all kinds of dental implants seek to serve the same purpose, they don’t all work the same way. Individual dental implants can replace one tooth at a time, but other forms of the treatment are preferable if you need to replace multiple teeth. All-on-4® dental implants are a great alternative for fully edentulous individuals as it allows your dental health professional to implant full arches of teeth with minimal invasiveness, while providing full functionality.

Provide your medical history.

Not everyone is a perfect candidate for dental implants, and you might make a better candidate for one type of implant than another. Make sure you are honest and thorough when you talk to your dentist about your medical background and family history so he or she can prescribe the most appropriate treatment and reduce the chances of complications down the road.

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