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A dentist uses dental bridges to fix gaps in patients’ smiles. If you are missing several teeth, you are not alone. Millions of Americans visit their dentist each year to find permanent solutions for missing teeth. A dental bridge is comprised of dental crowns, which are prosthetic devices that look and function just like your natural teeth. Read on to learn more about dental bridges, including their health benefits, different types, and the available placement procedures.

Health Benefits
As your dentist will tell you, a dental bridge does even more than restore the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Your healthy jawbone tissue eventually deteriorates in the gaps left by missing teeth. Whether you have teeth implants covered by a dental bridge or your dentist uses a bridge to restore irreparable tooth damage, your bridge will preserve existing healthy bone tissue and help maintain your facial structure.

Different Types
When it comes to dental bridges, you have more than one option. Before your dentist places your bridge, he or she will guide you through your best choices depending on your health, needs, and goals. Traditional dental bridges rely on a crown to replace a missing tooth, with a pontic in-between to bridge the gap. Conversely, a cantilever bridge is used when there is a natural tooth on only one side of the bridge.

Placement Procedures
Different procedures are used to place dental bridges. If you have missing teeth, your dentist may suggest using dental implants to act as tooth roots. In that case, you will need to wait until your gums heal after dental implant surgery. If you do not require dental implants, your bridge may be able to be placed in a single dentist appointment.

For a permanent solution to your missing teeth , look no further than University Associates in Dentistry. In addition to dental bridges, our office offers dental crowns and dental implants for Chicago patients. Our dentists are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Call us at (312) 704-5511 today.

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