Why You Should Replace Your Missing Teeth

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A few missing teeth may be more serious than you think. Without something to stop them, the surrounding teeth can shift, and the supporting bone may begin to shrink away. If you have one or more missing teeth, speak with your dentist about your replacement options, including dental implants . Keep reading to learn a few of the reasons for having missing teeth replaced.

Replace Your Missing Teeth in Chicago Drifting Teeth
Teeth naturally shift over time, but the adjacent and opposing teeth stop further movement. If you have an empty space left by one or more missing teeth, the neighboring teeth may begin to lean in or drift. Additionally, the opposing teeth may shift as they drift down toward the gap. These changes can negatively affect your jaw’s bite and possibly strain the jaw’s joint, leading to TMJ.

Bone and Structure Loss
Without a tooth or root, the supporting bone will begin to shrink over time. This natural process is called resorption , which is caused by a lack of stimulation to the bone. Resorption causes the bone to lose height and width where the tooth previously sat. The jawbone can suffer significant bone loss without a prosthetic to replace missing teeth. The loss of ridge volume can visibly change the way your face appears, causing what some may consider to be a cosmic defect. The gum can begin to wear away as the bone resorbs, creating a concavity or depression. This can also make it uncomfortable to wear dentures.

Investment in Long Term Health
One of the biggest benefits of having missing teeth replaced early on is the potential savings. By receiving dental implants you can avoid costly procedures to fix subsequent oral complications. The physical effects of shifted teeth or bone loss can lead to gum disease, TMJ, and other dental or structural problems that require extensive treatment to fix. However, replacement can prevent this and allow you to invest in the lifelong health of your mouth.

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