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Dental Implants in Chicago

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Cosmetic dentistry offers a great way to improve the look and integrity of your smile. Learn more about the health benefits of cosmetic dentistry procedures and reasons why you should have routine dental visits with these great resources from around the web. Give Chicago’s University Associates in Dentistry a call at (312) 704-5511 for more information about our cosmetic and restorative dentistry services.


Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Regular Visits to the Dentist

Dental Implants in Chicago

Even individuals who brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis still need to visit the dentist for routine checkups. Most dental professionals recommend that you see your general dentist every six months for a cleaning and oral inspection—however, individuals with certain health conditions, risk factors, or history of disease may benefit from more frequent visits. Check out this overview for the top reasons why you should not delay seeing your dentist. 

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Increased Risk of Cavities
One of the main purposes of routine dental visits is to remove the plaque buildup which constantly accumulates along the surfaces of your teeth, regardless of your at-home oral hygiene habits. Without regular removal, the harmful bacteria in this clear, sticky film can eat away at the hard outer surfaces of your teeth until a cavity forms.

Greater Chances of Developing Gingivitis
Individuals who fail to undergo routine cleanings with their dentist are not only at an increased risk for cavities, but also have a higher chance of developing gingivitis, or gum disease. Plaque accumulation on your teeth and gums can allow bacteria to penetrate your gum line, where it can infect your soft tissues. As your body attempts to fight off the infection in your gums, your immune system turns on itself, destroying the tissues rather than healing them.

Health Risks Associated With Poor Oral Health
In addition to increasing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, poor oral hygiene can increase your likelihood of developing several detrimental health conditions. In fact, the  American Academy of Periodontology  reports that having untreated gum disease increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, as it allows bacteria to enter your bloodstream where it can reach your organs and vital tissues. It is also crucial to attend regular visits with your dentist to rule out signs of oral cancer.

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The ADA Discusses the Importance of Seeing Your Dentist

Dental Implants in Chicago

A healthy diet and proper oral hygiene habits are essential for maintaining your oral health , but this does not mean that they are substitutes for regular dental visits. This video from the American Dental Association takes a closer look at the importance of seeing your dentist for routine checkups.

During a dental checkup, your dentist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line that are often left behind after brushing and flossing. Your dentist will also take this time to check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Watch this clip to learn more.

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