Picking the Perfect Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

Dental Implants in Chicago

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Cosmetic dentistry continues to become more and more popular as people experience life-changing results, and advances in technology make treatments safer and more predictable. If you want to make a change but you’re not sure what’s best for you, feel free to meet with your dentist for a consultation. Read on for some insight.

Consider What You Want

Before you even consider the options that cosmetic dentistry has to offer, think about what you hope to change. Do you want a brighter smile? Do you have a gap in your teeth that you would like to close? Once you have identified the cosmetic factor that you would like to change, you can talk to your dentist to discuss your options and choose the best plan to achieve your goals.

Understand Your Options

Dental implants, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening treatments are just a few examples of the many treatments that exist within the realm of cosmetic dentistry, and it helps to get to know them. Dental implants replace missing teeth, so they stand to benefit you in countless different ways. Porcelain veneers and teeth whitening treatments can both lead to a brighter, healthier looking smile, but porcelain veneers can also close gaps between your teeth and cover blemishes or imperfections. Every cosmetic dentistry treatment has certain pros and cons that you can learn about before you and your dentist decide what’s best for you.

Ask for Advice

Although your dentist will always be your best resource when you have questions or concerns about cosmetic dentistry procedures, he or she is not the only one with answers. You can also talk to friends who have undergone these treatments or learn about them online so you know what to expect. Keep in mind, however, that your dentist’s opinion should hold the most weight.

Cosmetic dentistry in Chicago and anywhere else can help you with aesthetic issues as well as oral health complications, but only your dentist will understand exactly which treatment is right for your needs. Check our website or call University Associates in Dentistry at (312) 704-5511 to set up a dental consultation.

What Are the Different Types of Dental Floss?

Dental Implants in Chicago

Just as visiting the dentist should become a regular part of patients’ lives, so too should flossing. Flossing is a daily habit that should be done before or after brushing the teeth in the morning or evening.

As seen in this short video, there are several types of floss that patients can find at their local drugstore. These floss options may include waxed, unwaxed, flavored, flavor-free, and many more options. In the end, patients should test out different versions until they find their preferred floss type.

University Associates in Dentistry is made up of talented and knowledgeable dentists for the benefit of our patients. Whether patients require a specialist or a general dentist , they will receive the utmost care with their teeth implants, periodontal concerns, and so much more. Please call us at (312) 704-5511 to schedule a dental consultation in Chicago for more information.

Answering Questions about the All-on-4 System

Dental Implants in Chicago

The All-on-4 system, a version of the dental implant procedure, offers patients a quicker recovery and a beautiful new smile. Patients tend to have similar questions about the system, so here’s a quick Q & A:

Who Qualifies for the All-on-4 Procedure?
Due to the advancement of dental implants, most patients can qualify for some form of the procedure, including the All-on-4 system. Patients with all different levels of dental health can qualify for All-on-4, but those in good health will recovery more quickly and accept the implants more easily. Before scheduling the procedure, all patients should speak with their dentist about taking any recommended steps, such as improving their dental or overall health.

Will I Be Able to Chew Again with the All-on-4 System?
Patients who undergo the procedure will be able to chew on a piece of steak or even bite into an apple as soon as they have fully recovered. Like other dental implant procedures, the All-on-4 system returns normal tooth and mouth function to patients all over the world. People who choose this option come out with greater confidence from a stronger, fuller smile!

What is the Recovery Process Like?
Recovery is different for every patient, but it usually goes smoothly. The key to a quick recovery is to follow all directions given by the dentist and dental staff. Patients can expect tenderness in the mouth for several weeks following the procedure, which may require a short-term liquid and soft food diet. Tenderness and pain can be managed with pain-relievers and anti-inflammatories as needed.

Please call University Associates in Dentistry to learn more about the All-on-4 system in Chicago. Our dentists have trained with the dentist who established the All-on-4 protocol, so our patients are sure to be in great hands. We are available for consultations at (312) 704-5511.

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