Dr. Martin Marcus, Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

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The success of University Associates in Dentistry depends completely on our team. Dr. Martin Marcus is one of the dedicated members of our staff who consistently works hard to provide the best care for patients. Keep reading to learn more about Dr. Marcus.

After completing dental school at Loyola School of Dentistry, Dr. Marcus spent some time in the world of private practice, practicing dentistry with his father. By 1990, he started working with the University of Chicago, which eventually turned into the University Associates in Dentistry, where he is a partner today. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry helping people get beautiful smiles that they love.

Come to Chicago’s University Associates in Dentistry today to see Dr. Marcus and the rest of our team and find the best care for your teeth and gums. With our cosmetic and restorative dental services, we give you the treatment options you need. To learn more or to make an appointment, call (888) 481-6598.

How Tooth Loss Affects Your Health

Dental Implants in Chicago

Researchers have found that people with full or partial dentures are more likely to eat fewer fruits and vegetables and more processed foods. These dietary habits can have a very negative impact on overall health.

Fruits and vegetables are full of important nutrients that can help the body fight cancer and other diseases. Processed foods are more likely to contribute to serious health issues and may be full of unhealthy sugars, excessive sodium, and high cholesterol. Learn more about how to get healthy teeth and eat a balanced diet by watching this video.

University Associates in Dentistry can help you maintain a healthy smile. We specialize in dental implants and permanent denture replacement to help you improve your oral hygiene. To learn more about our Chicago dental services, visit us online or call (888) 481-6598.

How Veneers Help You Improve Your Smile

Dental Implants in Chicago

Veneers are fabulous tools used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the aesthetics of a smile. If you are self-conscious about the look of your teeth, keep reading to find out how veneers can help:


They Look Like Real Teeth
Even though porcelain veneers are just thin shells that go over the front surfaces of the teeth, they very distinctly mimic the appearance of real teeth. They can instantly improve aesthetic issues that affect the size, shape, color, or even length of teeth. With new improvements in dental technology, veneers look more realistic than they ever have before and even utilize the light-reflecting properties of your natural teeth.

They Can Cover Up Worn Down Teeth
Temporomandibular joint disorders and bruxism (excessive grinding of the teeth and jaw clenching) can wreak havoc on your teeth if you do not give them the  proper care . Even normal wear and tear can affect the appearance of your smile. If your teeth are already worn down, you might feel like it is too late to get the smile you want. Luckily, your dentist can use veneers to cover up this wear and tear and give you back a beautiful smile that you cannot wait to show off to the world.

They Can Fill in Spaces between Gapped Teeth
Teeth that are too far apart negatively affect your bite and decrease the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If you are tired of looking at a mouth full of gapped teeth, talk to your dentist about how veneers can help. By covering your real teeth with these dental shells, you can fix issues with these gaps and feel more confident in your smile.

The dental team at University Associates in Dentistry can help you fix your cosmetic concerns with porcelain veneers that instantly improve your smile. We also specialize in dental implants, restorative dentistry, and permanent denture replacement to give you the results you desire.  For more information on our services , visit us online or call our Chicago dental practice at (888) 481-6598. 

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

Dental Implants in Chicago

The pulp rests in the center of the tooth where it protects the nerves and blood vessels. If tooth decay is not properly treated, it can eventually make its way down into the pulp. Root canal therapy gets rid of the infected pulp and cleans out the center of the tooth.

This treatment is usually completed in one to three visits to the dentist, and patients feel little to no pain. With proper oral hygiene, this treatment can last a lifetime. Learn more about root canal therapy by watching this video.

Whether you need root canal therapy or dental implants, the team at Chicago’s University Associates in Dentistry can help. Come in today to see a dentist who can help you gain healthy teeth and gums. For more information, call (888) 481-6598.

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