Tips for Preventing Oral Injuries

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Injuries to the teeth and gums can occur at any time. Taking steps to prevent injury will preserve the beauty and function of your smile. Talk to your dentist about your specific risk factors and ask how you can take further precautions against injuries to your mouth. You can also find additional information about preventing mouth injuries below.

Tooth First aid

Protect Your Mouth and Face
Always wear protective equipment when playing sports. Injuries to the teeth and gums can occur even while playing sports that do not typically involve contact, such as basketball, golf, and weightlifting. Ask your dentist about a custom-fitted mouthguard, which will fit comfortably inside your mouth and block the force of blows to prevent injuries. Face cages or appropriate helmets can also help stop impacts from affecting your mouth and teeth.

Play By the Rules
Although roughhousing may please sports fans, you should always play by the rules. Avoid getting into fights or rough play during sports, which can cause injuries to the teeth, lips, and tongue. Observe proper technique when performing any activity to avoid placing undue stress on your jaw and putting your mouth at risk. If you notice yourself clenching your teeth during play, relax your jaw for improved comfort and safety.

Know How To Handle Emergencies
If a  mouth injury  does occur, remain calm and act quickly. Stop any bleeding with a soft cloth pressed against the injured area. Swelling can be reduced with an ice pack placed on the outside of the cheek over the injury. If a tooth is knocked out, find it and rinse it without scrubbing. Place it in a glass of milk or saltwater and visit your dentist immediately. Dentists can often save a knocked-out tooth if a patient is seen within half an hour.

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How You Can Get Restored Teeth in an Hour

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Dental implants allow for stable placement of tooth replacements for a confident and comfortable smile. During the teeth-in-an-hour procedure, a computer-generated model is created from a detailed CT scan of your head and mouth. This guide is used to ensure proper placement of dental implants for implant-supported dentures. The support provided by the dental implants allows you to use your new teeth right away to eat, smile, and enjoy life to the fullest.

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If you’d like to learn more about dental implants and whether you are a candidate for this procedure, contact University Associates in Dentistry by calling (312) 704-5511. We provide comprehensive and cutting-edge dental care in Chicago to restore or improve your smile. Check us out on the web for more information about the benefits of  dental implants

How to Keep Your Mouth Guard in its Best Shape

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Your dentist can provide a mouth guard for you to wear during sports and exercise. This important piece of safety equipment protects your teeth and gums from injuries that can occur during play. Remember that in order to do its job properly, your mouth guard must be kept in good shape.

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Keep Your Mouth Guard Clean
Keeping your mouth guard clean is essential to keeping it in good repair and keeping your mouth healthy. Ask your dentist about special care needs for your mouth guard.  Wash your mouth guard  using only cool water, as hot water may deform it and affect its fit. Soak the mouth guard for a few minutes in a mouthwash solution after each wear before you store it. Brush your teeth before putting in your mouth guard to prevent contaminating it with food or bacteria from your teeth.

Store Your Mouth Guard Safely
Storing your mouth guard in an approved container will keep it safe when it’s not in use. Ask your dentist about a hard case or purchase one in a store to protect your mouth guard. Never leave your mouth guard or its case in direct sunlight and avoid leaving it where children or pets might find it. Keep your mouth guard and case away from dirty or sweaty clothes, especially after a game or workout.

Get Your Mouth Guard Checked Regularly
Your dentist should inspect your mouth guard during each of your routine dental exams to ensure that it is in good condition and fits properly. Your dentist can also check to ensure that it is clean and free of buildup that could lead to infection or tooth decay. If you feel like your mouth guard doesn’t fit as well as it should, bring it to your dentist for an adjustment rather than trying to fix it yourself. Your dentist will know when it’s time to replace your mouth guard for effective protection.

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