Why Mouth Guards Are Important

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If you live an active lifestyle or enjoy contact sports , an accident or tussle can instantly cause irrevocable damage to your teeth. By wearing a mouth guard, you can protect your teeth from these dangers.

This video highlights the importance of using a mouth guard during sports . Though a chipped or avulsed tooth often results from a check on the ice or tackle on the field, it can also occur with no other player in sight. You can suffer an injury simply by slipping from your bike or tripping during a run. A mouth guard can provide the cushion you need between your teeth and blunt force.

Are you putting your teeth at risk for injury? If you have yet to get a mouth guard, call University Associates in Dentistry at (312) 704-5511. Our dental practice offers comprehensive sports dentistry services for Chicago-area residents and professional athletes. 

How University Associates in Dentistry Serves Chicago Athletes

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University Associates in Dentistry is proud to be the only Team Dentists for the 2010/2013 Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks. This distinction speaks to our expertise in the field of sports dentistry. In addition to the general and cosmetic dentistry options we provide to our patients, we can attend to the oral health demands of athletes with the following services:

Our Team with the Stanley Cup!

Injury Prevention
The staff at University Associates in Dentistry aims to stop sports-related injuries before they happen. To protect our patients from the considerable dangers of high-intensity, high-contact activities, we offer comprehensive injury prevention services. When on the ice, an elbow, stick, or puck to the mouth can prove disastrous for a hockey player. In addition to considerable pain, a sports injury can also result in lost teeth and extensive soft tissue damage. When players wear their customized mouth guards, they can significantly reduce their risk of mouth injury . University Associates in Dentistry creates specially designed mouth guards that are made to perfectly fit each individual athlete under our care.

Emergency Care
Ultimately, not every injury can be avoided. If one of our patients suffers severe trauma to the mouth, University Associates in Dentistry is on call to quickly attend to his or her needs. Our team of dental professionals has considerable expertise in emergency dental care and has extensive means to restore avulsed teeth.

Dental Restorations
Should reinsertion of an avulsed tooth not be possible, University Associates in Dentistry can restore a smile with the most advanced permanent tooth replacements. Dental implants make excellent replacement options for natural teeth, and with our exceptional treatment methods, we can complete the dental implant process with a minimal amount of time and discomfort. So no matter the challenges that our athlete patients may face, University Associates in Dentistry can provide comprehensive, effective dental care.

See for yourself why University Associates in Dentistry has been chosen as the sole dental services provider for the Chicago Blackhawks. Call us today at (312) 704-5511 to make an appointment at our Chicago practice. Whether you need general dentistry services or restorative treatment, we can provide you with a complete and healthy smile.

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